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Aguadream Mediterranean Baths

The unique ritual of Mediterranean baths has arrived in the Algarve. Aguadream is the first company in the country to recreate the old Mediterranean baths ritual.

It is a must-visit for residents and holidaymakers in the Algarve and provides a completely relaxing atmosphere. The bath circuit includes four pools with different temperatures, bath salts, a jacuzzi, a Turkish bath, and a resting room with ice tea. This Mediterranean bath concept is innovative and promises clients a unique experience.

■ Baths relax the body and the mind, although the benefits go far beyond the sensorial limits.
■ Hot water relaxes muscles and stiff joints, while cold water reactivates blood circulation, tones the skin and has a revigorating effect.
■ Baths relieve stress and help the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, dislocations and injuries.
■ Airways are cleared.
■ Baths provide the ability to renovate energies due to their relaxing, revigorating and hydrating components.
■ Steam increases the dilation of skin pores, which makes it easier for toxins and impurities to be released.
■ After the circuit is completed, legs seem lighter.

This ‘awakening of the senses’ is paired with additional health and well-being treatments as well as aromatherapy, massages, facial and body treatments and Mediterranean rituals.

Aguadream is located in Sítio da Prainha near Praia dos Três Irmãos in Alvor. 282 099 068 | 912 234 990

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