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Gay Portuguese gets 15 years behind bars for duping straight-men into blindfolded sex

Found guilty last month of tricking men into having sex by masquerading as a woman online, bearded bald Portuguese homosexual Duarte Xavier has been condemned to 15 years behind bars.

Vice-Judge Advocate General Michael Hunter passed sentence today (Friday) at Kingston Crown Court, telling the 34-year-old Madeiran emigré: “You have been found guilty of what can only be described as a campaign of deception and obtaining sex by pretending that you were a woman”.

In spite of his beard – and indeed his baldness – Xavier lured at least four heterosexual men into assignations via the Tinder dating website.

Using the name ‘Ana’, he insisted his victims wore blindfolds before engaging in sexual activity. It was only when one “whipped off the blindfold” in the middle of a delicate moment that Xavier’s deception became clear.

The worst aspect of this case is that Xavier is understood to have committed two of the offences while on bail.

He was arrested twice and ‘released pending inquiries’, but not formally charged until his third arrest in April.

This led the judge to question whether heterosexual men were somehow “less of a priority” for police.

The court heard how one of the victims has had to be treated for post-traumatic stress and suffers “extreme stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression”.

Judge Hunter told Xavier: “You have demonstrated no remorse or understanding of the position of your victims.”

Metropolitan Police meantime have appealed to any other potential victims of Xavier to get in touch.

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