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Bizarre furry sea creature washes up on west coast beach

Mystery surrounds a “bizarre furry sea creature” that washed up earlier this week on Castelejo beach on the western Algarve.

Discovered by sculptor Soren Ernst and his girlfriend Cath, it appears uncannily reminiscent of other ‘sea monsters’ recently discovered on beaches as far away as Russia and the Philippines.

The only major difference is that it is much much smaller.

As Soren told us, it “is definitely animal, just beginning to decompose. I turned it over and it feels like flesh. It is about a metre long, 60 cm wide and 30 cm thick”.

The extraordinary creature has white hair (like other strange sea creatures discovered this year) and “no discernable extremities other than a short fin-like tail”.

There is no face (again, very similar to other finds), nor do there appear to be any eyes.

Soren wonders whether it could be an “unknown species”.

The question is one that has come up time and again this year as elsewhere people have been finding “mysterious furry sea monsters” washed up on far flung beaches.

In Russia in August a much larger dead creature was discovered in Siberia.

Marine biologist Sergei Kornev called it then a “globster”, suggesting it was “most likely a piece of a whale that had been dead for a while”.

“Under the influence of the sea, time and various animals, from the smallest to the largest, a whale often takes on bizarre forms”, he told The Siberian Times.

Yet Soren is convinced the Castelejo discovery is a complete creature, “definitely not part of one”.

“There were no cut marks”, he told us. “It’s just furry around round, and really alien”.

The first reported sighting this year of anything like this little find seems to have come from the Philippines, in February – and then later in May.

Both dead creatures however were a great deal larger.

Thus Castelejo’s for now has been christened “Baby Blubberblob” as the question remains, what is it?

Any thoughts or ideas will be welcomed in the comments section below.

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