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“Gourmet Coffee” gangs traffick “invisible cocaine”

A Venezuelan and three Colombians are in preventive custody in Lisbon after being ‘caught’ allegedly trying to smuggle ‘invisible cocaine’ into the country within packets of gourmet coffee.

How police were able to detect invisible cocaine is not fully explained, but tabloid Correio da Manhã credits Judicial Police with what it calls “shrewdness”.

“After wine, shower gel, cans of pineapple and even frozen octopus, Colombian trafficking networks are now using a new method to introduce cocaine into Europe”, the paper explains.

It arrives by air “without being detected by conventional screening methods”.
The first confirmed cases have been discovered in Lisbon, and have purportedly thwarted the entry of almost 85,000 individual doses of the drug, with a combined street value of around €840,000.

CM alludes to “investigations and the exchange of information” that preceded the arrests.

Initially, PJ detectives were “suspicious” but could not discover anything as standard field tests revealed nothing.

“Further analysis” however led to the discovery that the cocaine had been “subjected to a complex chemical treatment until recently unknown to police authorities”.

All that was needed was to reverse the process to discover the drug and “isolate it from the coffee”.

CM’s news came just as elsewhere police in Hamburg were credited with discovering 200 kilos of cocaine in sacks of coffee arriving at the airport from Brazil.

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