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Wine writers discover the Algarve

Lisete Osório and Marie Roginska with winemaker Mário Santos from Quinta da Tôr

Two members of the International Federation of Wine and Spirit Journalists and Writers (FIJEV) travelled to the Algarve between October 3 and 5 to discover more about the region’s wine and vineyards.

Their visit was overseen by the Algarve Wine Commission (CVA), which guided the writers to the local wineries and provided a look into the history of the Algarve’s winemaking sector.

Marie Roginska from France had never visited the region before and said it was “refreshing to visit and write about a region” that she knew “nothing about”.

“Normally these trips are organised in better-known regions, but we are always excited to learn about other places like the Algarve,” she said.

The other visitor was Lisete Osório, who produces her own wine on a family plot in the Douro region and had been waiting “a long time” for an opportunity to visit the Algarve.

“I knew very little about the region’s wines, which I have been hearing more and more about, so I wanted to strengthen my knowledge about the Algarve and its current state of production,” she said.

This was not the first time that a group of writers from FIJEV visited the region.

Last October, the Algarve also welcomed Neil Fairlamb from the UK (Circle of Wine Writers), Michael Shaefer from the USA (Society of Wine Educators) and Freddie Grimwood from Canada (Vins & Vignobles).

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