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CASA Social Club dinner

Over 40 CASA members and guests met for dinner at Ponto de Encontro Restaurant in Carvoeiro on Saturday, September 29.

A guitar player/singer started off quietly, so diners could talk and catch up on their summer activities, this being CASA’s first full event of the autumn season. The seating in the middle of the smallish restaurant was described as “cosy” and the service “excellent”.

To round off the evening, members joined hands to sing Rod Stewart’s “We Are Sailing” and say a fond farewell to members Jack and Joanne who returning to the UK to live.

The next event will be a buffet-style lunch on Sunday, October 21 in Lagos.

Full details of events, which are also open to non-members, can be obtained from the club website,, or from Margaret Brito on 282 495 475 or email

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