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Algarveans present thought-provoking autumn production

Jim Landis and Deborah Kloegman

Paul Kloegman, Tracey Christansen, Deborah Kloegman and Maxine Costa

The Algarveans Experimental Theatre Group has again chosen a play that is thought-provoking but at the same time brings together much humour, courage and even a courtroom drama.

The play, “Whose Life Is It Anyway?” by Brian Clark, presents the issue of what type of care to give people who are alive in a conscious state but whose level of human activity is impaired drastically. When the person concerned states – as in “Whose Life Is It Anyway?” – that she does not wish to live an impaired life with mechanical support systems, what judgement should be made?

Following an accident, Claire Harrison lies paralysed in hospital where the medical staff are committed to keeping her alive and comfortable. But, she claims she has the right to die, backing up her request with skillful reasoning.

“Whose Life Is It Anyway?” offers a witty yet relevant means to consider this problem. The stage play was adapted from the 1972 television play of the same title, which starred Ian McShane. The stage version premiered in 1978 at the Mermaid Theatre in London, winning an Olivier Award for best new play, and subsequently the play opened on Broadway in 1979 when it won The Tony Award.

The director of The Algarveans’ play is Paul Kloegman. He has brought a fresh approach to directing the group, energetically encouraging the cast, the majority of whom are new members to the group.

Paul has been involved in several film and television productions and commercials, as well as acting and directing shows in the UK, the USA, Canada, Mexico and Spain. Originally looking at living in Lisbon, Paul and his wife Deborah decided that the Algarve was the place to be and he is “delighted to have found The Algarveans”.

The Algarveans Experimental Theatre Group will perform this play at Lagoa’s Carlos do Carmo Auditorium over three days, November 22, 23 and 24, with curtain up at 7.45pm each evening. Tickets cost €12 and can already be booked.
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