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Heart attack patients have 30% greater risk of death in southern Portuguese hospitals

Distinctly unheartwarming news for anyone at risk of a heart attack in the Algarve is a new study that has concluded that they would have a 30% greater risk of death (if treated in a State hospital) than if they lived elsewhere.

So far authorities have kept out of news reports detailing the findings of a doctorate thesis that analysed more than 38,000 patient records from 37 different hospitals between the years 2012-2015.

Researcher Mariano Lobo discovered that patients in the Lisbon, Vale do Tejo, Alentejo and Algarve regions had not only a 30% higher death risk from serious heart attacks, but that they were 20% more likely to end up readmitted in an emergency situation less than a month after being discharged.

Other conclusions were that the best care for heart attack patients came from smallest hospitals. The actual words being shared by newspapers today are: the “more the cases of heart attack treated and the smaller the hospitals, the better the care provided”.

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