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Jazzy wine events return to Silves with record 24 sessions

It has been such a success that ‘Jazz nas Adegas’, an event that brings jazz music into the wine cellars of Silves and nearby towns, is returning for its third edition with an unprecedented 24 sessions.

Every session last year was nearly or completely sold out, and to make sure everyone has a chance to enjoy the event, organisers decided to increase the number of sessions this year and even host the event in different locations, such as a cork factory and Silves castle.

The first will take place on Friday, October 12 at 9pm and Saturday, October 13 at 5pm at Quinta do Outeiro, which produces its self-titled wines as well as the Paxá Wines. Both sessions will feature music by The Pocket Band, a talented trio of musicians who explore the sounds of not only jazz but also Brazilian, Cuban, Flamenco, funk and pop music.

The event will continue until May, with many wine cellars around the borough opening their doors to the initiative.

Tickets cost €12 and allow guests to enjoy the concert, try the wines and local tapas, take a bottle home and also receive vouchers for the municipal castle and museum.

Here’s a list of the other sessions that will be held:

• Quinta da Vinha: November 2 and 3
• Quinta do Francês: November 10 and 11
• Quinta dos Vales: November 30 and December 1
• Quinta João Clara: January 18 and 19
• Quinta do Barradas: February 9 and 10
• Quinta Rosa: February 22 and 23
• Quinta de Mata Mouros: March 15 and 16
• Quinta da Malaca: April 12 and 13
• Corticeira Amorim: April 26
• Quinta do Barranco Longo: May 17 and 18
• Silves Castle: May 25

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