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HPA Group earns accreditation from Joint Commission International

The Hospital Particular in Alvor and the Hospital Particular in Gambelas (Faro) have both earned an international quality accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI).

The JCI accreditation is considered the “gold standard” in global health care, and their consultants are described as “the most skilled and experienced in the industry”.

After a two-week evaluation audit, the Hospital Particular do Algarve Group is now the only group with three private hospitals (Alvor, Gambelas and São Gonçalo Hospital in Lagos) all having earned an international accreditation.

“Experts from the most important international clinical audit institution have reviewed our compliance with more than 300 standards of excellence and more than a thousand parameters related to patient safety and quality care,” the HPA group says.

“This international accreditation, now attributed to all clinical and non-clinical services of both the Alvor and Gambelas hospitals, is the recognition that our professionals and units are guided by the highest standards of safety and quality in areas such as infection control, medical and surgical care, but also leadership and organisational management,” says Alexandre Gonçalinho, the head of the group’s Quality Control Department.

“Our employees, and in particular the accreditation team of the HPA Health Group, have showed their professionalism, humanism and dedication once again,” says Dr João Bacalhau, Chairman of the group’s Board of Directors.

“Having earned clinical accreditation for two hospitals simultaneously by an institution such as the Joint Commission International is undoubtedly proof that our aim is to provide the most rigorous standards of safety and quality.

“To have joined the group of hospitals considered to be the safest in the world should be a source of pride for all, not only on a regional level but also on a national level.”

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