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New Ryanair flightmare scheduled across Europe

Ryanair employees from five countries including Portugal are preparing for a 24-hour strike this month threatening to cause travel chaos across Europe.

Labour unions have confirmed Ryanair employees from Belgium, Italy, Holland, Portugal and Spain plan to go ahead with their strike action on September 28.

Several unions gathered in Brussels yesterday for discussions.

The 24-hour strike was confirmed by Belgian union leader Yves Lambot who declared “discussions continue without results”.

Mr Lambot referred to Ryanair’s recent proposal to upgrade staff contracts by 2022, saying “This is too late for us. We want 2019”.

The strike will involve members of several parts of Ryanair’s operation from pilots to ground staff to cabin crews, writes the online version of Euroweekly.

“All want national contracts for their country of residence and not the Irish contracts currently given to employees”, says the website.

Ryanair is described as “confident the union action will not cause travel chaos” though Euroweekly suggests it is “shaping up to be Ryanair’s biggest ever walkout”.

Ryanair has promised to “pre-advise” passengers if their flight is due to be affected.

Yesterday the airline was forced to deal with a 24-hour walkout in Germany where 150 out of 400 flights were cancelled.

Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary was quoted however as “rubbishing” the strike, and labelling it a “failure”.

Meantime, the Telegraph has reported that “Ryanair’s senior management team may face turbulence next week after UK shareholder advisory firm PIRC advised shareholders to oppose a resolution to re-elect Michael O’Leary and chairman David Bonderman.

“The airline has banned media from its annual general meeting and will not hold a press briefing afterwards”, says the paper, quoting City Index senior market analyst Fiona Cincotta as predicting “changes are most likely afoot”.

But for those more interested in stress-free flying, you have been warned.

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