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Juliana the fox survives in blackened Monchique thanks to daily diet of cooked meat

As homeowners in Monchique adapt to their new reality of a landscape devastated by fire, little stories are emerging every day to give crushed hearts a bit of an uplift.

The latest is a text about ‘Juliana’ the bone thin fox who turned up at the door of couple Jorge Gaspar and Graça Nunes.

She appeared out of the darkness after the fires and was so famished her natural aversion to people had to be overcome.

Now she comes every evening, round about 10pm says tabloid Correio da Manha, to be hand-fed specially prepared delicacies.

“Today it is chicken, but she’s had ribs and turkey steaks. We always give her meat”, said Gaspar, whose children add that Juliana has been known to leave carrying a flip flop, diving goggles … even a snorkel.

A photo uploaded onto Facebook shows her investigating a fishing rod. Another (above) shows her accepting food from one of the couple’s two boys.

“It’s beautiful and sad at the same time”, comments their mother.

The family don’t live all the time in Monchique, but when they go home from this holiday, neighbours have promised to go on feeding Juliana, says CM.

As a friend of the family has commented online: “She knows she is in good hands”.

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