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Summer/ wintertime hour changes: States must take a stand by April 2019

It’s official: the European Commission has no intention of letting the ‘Cloxit debate’ drag on interminably: member states are being given until April 2019 to decide whether they are going to abide by wintertime all-year-round, or opt for permanent summertime.

Say reports, “even though the decision is in the hands of each country, it is advisable that these make concerted decisions on the legal hour they are applying”.

Thus, the last official hour change will take place on Sunday March 31 next year.

After that, countries that prefer to stay with wintertime indefinitely can change on Sunday October 27, while those that decide to stay with summertime will never need to change again.

This is all coming ‘far more quickly’ than initial forecasts (click here), and goes against a report compiled in just two days by one man in the name of the Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon (click here).

The new hour change law has yet to be voted on by the European Parliament, but MPs have been told by the European Council that a vote has to come by March next year.


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