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Daredevil swim across Tejo worries authorities

Authorities in Lisbon are worried that the daredevil swim of a young French resident across the Tejo may prompt copycat attempts that won’t be so lucky.

Two rescue boats, five vehicles and 19 personnel were scrambled after friends of the 20-year-old lost sight of him in the dark as he set out to reach the other side.

Searches were called off after it was reported that he had been successful.

The episode followed “a night of heavy drinking” – another aspect that worries authorities.

The youngster had apparently been bet that he couldn’t swim the distance.

The currents present in the 3 km stretch of water, separating Ginjal docks on one side, and Colunas, in Terreiro do Paço on the other, can be treacherous – and water temperature also can often be very cold.

Fortunately for the French national, conditions between Saturday night to Sunday morning were calm, and although he finished his marathon “fairly cold”, he was pronounced well and showing no signs of hypothermia.

The issue now is that news of his feat may trickle through to other young people who decide, fuelled by alcohol, to try the same thing.

The message is “don’t”: this youngster’s ‘triumph’ could just as easily have been the last thing he ever did.

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