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Missing teacher found dead: daughter and son-in-law arrested

Another missing person discovered dead has morphed into a murder inquiry.

After the baffling case of sports fanatic Luís Grilo (click here), and the puzzle of a young mum in the Algarve (click here), Portugal woke up today to the new mystery of what could have happened to Montijo physics and chemistry teacher Amélia Fialho, 59.

Fialho was apparently last seen by her daughter Diana, 23, and her 27-year-old partner, on Saturday.

But police started to doubt the pair’s account after they discovered that Amélia Fialho’s mobile phone appears to have been turned off before the moment the duo said she had last been seen.

Why would Amélia Fialho have turned off her phone?

This niggling question become pivotal after the teacher’s body was discovered in a burnt-out car on Wednesday evening.

And today SIC television news reports that PJ police have arrested Diana and her partner, suspecting them of qualified murder and the desecration of a body.

It appears there had been “numerous problems” between the trio, who all lived in the same property, and that these allegedly caused the young couple to “come up with a plan, executed together” to take the older woman’s life.

According to SIC the plan involved “using pills” to make it “impossible” for the older woman to fight back.

She was allegedly “violently attacked with a sharp object” about the head before being “put in the boot of a car and transported to the area of Pegões where with the help of an accelerant the duo set fire to the car”.

Fialho’s body was discovered “completely burnt”, say reports.

In contrast to the mysteries surrounding Luís Grilo and Tatiana Mestre – whose killers have yet to be identified- this mystery appears to have been solved in a matter of days.

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