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Faro joins World March Against Climate Change

Tomorrow (Saturday) is being seen by Portuguese environmental activists as another day in which protest is imperative.

The World March Against Climate Change will see major events in Lisbon, Porto and Faro and arrives in a climate of uncertainty.

For now, oil drilling scheduled to begin any time after September 15 is embargoed – but no one can be sure for how long.

Biologist and Algarve activist Dina Salvador writes, “we must all get to Faro on Saturday. This is the home stretch towards ‘all or nothing.

“September 15 is round the corner” – the date by which the (GALP/ ENI) consortium could start drilling the so-called ‘Aljezur well’… “this is the time to fight”, she stresses.

Like so many others in this titanic struggle against a government that has shown itself to favour fossil fuel exploration despite all the warnings over climate change, Salvador says this is the moment “to get out onto the streets, protest, show a red card to those in strategic positions… We spend our lives lamenting the robbery and corruption in Portugal. This is yet another example of what will happen if we don’t stand firm”.

The march in Faro starts at 5pm, with a bus leaving from Lagos’ Escola das Naus at 3pm and returning around 8pm.

“Bring banners, bring musical instruments, bring whatever you think will help make the point. Everyone should make for Faro in defence of what is ours”, she concludes.

With citizens groups throughout the Algarve making their own plans for Saturday, out west in the council areas closest to sites earmarked for offshore oil drilling a request for a meeting with the government lodged in July by the municipalities of the Terras do Infante (Aljezur, Vila do Bispo and Lagos) remains unanswered.

Photographs and hopefully reports from participants to follow after the march.

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