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If art could talk the language of science

Review by LOU MAY

I was drawn to Sales’ art as I passed a gallery, as soon as I saw Albert Einstein standing at the entrance of it all…For who, in their right mind, would want to immortalise the dishevelled mathematician? Only the unconventional mind of an artist – a female one, to crown it all – could gather enough wits to give him humanity and elegance in its simplicity!

I found in Beth Sales the talent and genius of a true artist enamoured by science. Born in Brazil and a Portuguese resident for many years, she is infatigable telling the story of her work. Between the portraits and the more intuitive or symbolic paintings, we hear only passion, dedication and perpetual labour.

I invite you all to check her work in Albufeira, until August 28, at the Pintor Samora Barros Gallery. If you like art, and are easily amused by simplicity or touched by artistic expression, you will enjoy – like I did – traveling through the body of a female’s most passionate body … of work.

Photo: Artist Beth Sales is exhibiting her work at the Pintor Samora Barros Gallery

Photo by: LOU MAY

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