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Sexy downside of rising tourist numbers in Porto

There is always a ‘downside’ to good news, and sadly the downside to Porto’s rising tourist numbers is that sexually transmitted diseases are proliferating.

Say reports, “the increase of tourists in Porto has powered an increase in sexual services, and with this an increase in HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis and Hepatitis B”.

Indeed Henrique Barros, president of ISUP, the institute of public health, has gone so far as to say that tourism “could be a public health problem” when it originates “such an increase in the frequency of infections”.

The solution? Well it may not cut the mustard: Barros is calling for Porto inhabitants to “make medical appointments” while he advocates the handing out of information leaflets to holidaymakers as they touch down at Sá Carneiro airport.

Stresses Sol, it may be a “public health problem” but when all is said and done, it is not a “calamity”.

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