By 2018-08-07 InPortugal

Firefighter robbed as she brings heart attack victim back from dead

Firefighter Vera Carvalho was battling to save a heart attack victim – who had collapsed on a bus in Lisbon – while heartless raiders were rifling through the ambulance she crewed. When Vera and her colleague returned to the vehicle – their 57-year-old female patient stabilised and ready for onward transport to hospital – she realised her bag was gone, with all her bank cards, documents, some money and car keys.

But the patient came first. It was only after the w0man was safely delivered to hospital that Vera was able to take the time to report the theft.

With her colleague, the young ‘bombeira had spent over 15 minutes working on the bus passenger, described when the life-savers arrived as “not breathing and without a heartbeat”.

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