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Remorse leads Portuguese back home to confess to killing 10 years ago

The body of a 35-year-old man, shot dead in June 2008, was finally recovered last Saturday, after the man who claims to have killed him, wrapped him in plastic and the buried him, travelled home to Famalicão from abroad to confess to the crime.

Say reports, the man just couldn’t live with the remorse over what he had done.

Living outside the country very possibly since the episode, he returned to lead PJ police right to the spot in a forest in Vermoim where the body has remained for hidden for the last decade.

His story was that he was negotiating the purchase of a shotgun with the victim – identified as João Paulo Azevedo – when it “went off accidentally”.

Instead of reporting the accident there and then, the man claims he went into panic and decided instead to bury Azevedo’s body.

A collection of bones has now been painstakingly removed from the site and will be the subject of forensic testing to confirm the victim’s identity and cause of death.

Azevedo’s brother Luís says it’s almost 100% certain that the bones belong to his missing brother.

“The date of the disappearance coincides” he told reporters. “We have already thought of all kinds of reasons (why he disappeared) because he would never have gone of his own volition”.

The bizarre case now awaits categoric scientific proof, while the alleged killer is likely to be charged with murder and the concealing of a body.

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