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Dismay as further changes made to laws regulating Alojamento Local

Now busily touring areas of the country’s interior last year devastated by wildfires, President Marcelo has left short-term tourist let businesses in dismay.

On Friday, despite the fact that he said it needs work, the president “rubber stamped” new ‘changes’ to the already pick-and-patchworked law regulating ‘Alojamento Local’.

Says ALEP, the association of property owners who have signed up to the regime, as it stands, the changes will place councils “in conflict with community legislation” which will “show the European Commission the way the Portuguese State is violating the Directive of Services”.

Association president Eduardo Miranda says his members were hoping for a presidential veto. They feel Marcelo acted far too hastily – perhaps in his enthusiasm to rush off on his holiday project which sees him leaping into the water of interior “river beach spots” and posing for selfies with delighted citizens.

According to Miranda, the changes simply further confuse an already confusing situation.

Alojamento Local owners really don’t know where they stand, particularly as “no one had access to the final text of the draft law before it was sent” to President Marcelo.

The head of State himself said the changes throw up some “questionable solutions, legally difficult to conjugate” but that their approval would help stave off the mass encroachment of AL in historic town centres by giving local authorities more say in their authorisation.

Needless to say, ALEP wants much more clarification.

Says Miranda, “we have waited a year in an atmosphere of indecision” only to be met now with further confusion.

“We are going to continue to show and make people aware that this solution is not a good one” , Miranda told Lusa, stressing that “even after being promulgated, the diploma contains errors”.

Next steps will involve ALEP “analysing every one of the aspects of the diploma” and then pushing MPs to make the requisite changes, particularly with relation to insurance which is “completely confusing, and no-one knows what will be necessary”.

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