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New emoji and coupon app launched in Algarve

AlgarveMoji is a new lifestyle and coupon app in the Algarve launched by the Open Media Group in partnership with California based company Hiero 2. The app allows Algarve residents and tourists to send emojis and redeem coupons all in one place.

Developed by Cameron Koczon, who has previously worked for National Geographic, Samsung, Tumblr, and Kickstarter, the app is free to use for anyone who wishes to download it.

Businesses already featured in the app include Zoomarine and AlgarExperience whose coupons are already available to use.

“Placing coupons within an emoji app is an obvious thing to do,” said Hayden Michael, COO of Hiero 2, Inc.

“Friends want to have experiences together. Coupons that are built as emojis make it easy for anyone to send their friend a coupon. ‘Hey, there’s a free glass of wine at Club Nau, let me send this to my friend and see if they want to go!'”

The app is extremely user-friendly. After downloading it to an iPhone, the emojis automatically appear in the iPhone’s sticker board.

Hiero 2, Inc and Open Media are planning on signing up as many businesses as possible within the Algarve which can offer discounts to users of the app.

“We want there to be thousands of dollars worth of coupons within this app,” said Klaus Moeller, CEO of Hiero 2, Inc.

“We want this app to be valuable to everyone who uses it! Right now this app already contains numerous discount coupons, meaning that users can already make great savings! We want this app to be an instant download on everyone’s iPhone. Plus, residents and tourists in the Algarve will be able to find new businesses, restaurants, stores, or activities they never heard of before.”

AlgarveMoji is already on the iPhone’s app store whilst Open Media and Hiero 2, Inc. plan on releasing an Android version within the next year.

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