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Flight fright, travel sickness, jet lag …and homeopathy to the rescue

Summer holidays are coming and whether you have planned your vacation in a foreign country or in a location not so far away, it is likely to involve travelling. Unfortunately for some, travelling to a distant retreat or exotic destination may involve anxiety, sickness or jet lag, which can reduce much of the joy associated with the upcoming holiday or cause stress, ruining much of the peace and relaxation that are supposed to be gained from a holiday. Luckily though, there are some homeopathic remedies for that.

For travel anxiety (fear of boarding a plane, accidents or large crowds), there are three main homeopathic remedies.

Aconite: someone needing Aconite is not just anxious but downright in a panic. They suddenly develop an extreme fear of death and are deeply convinced the plane will crash. There is great anguish and they become restless with fear.
Argentum nitricum: The people needing this remedy are very anxious, restless, have to walk about. Their anxiety gives them diarrhoea. They are afraid of heights, are claustrophobic and fear crowds. They fear they may be having an accident on their journey to the destination.

Gelsemium: With this remedy, there is an anticipatory anxiety. People needing Gelsemium may experience their muscles becoming weak and giving way with anxiety. There may be trembling, numbness and the individual may get diarrhoea.

In the event of travel or motion sickness, homeopathy can help too. The three major remedies are:

Cocculus: Cocculus is the number-one remedy for motion sickness or sea sickness. The person needing Cocculus feels dizzy from motion or the sight of moving objects. There is nausea and there may be vomiting. They feel nauseous from the thought and smell of food.

Tabacum: Tabacum gives the individual an incessant and deathly nausea with a sinking feeling and the sensation of an empty stomach. Pale skin, headache, faintness, a sensation of collapse and facial cold sweat can accompany this sickness. The fumes of tobacco are unbearable. The least bit of movement can cause this sickness.

Petroleum: This motion sickness is characterised by nausea that comes with an empty feeling in the stomach and is improved by eating. There is vertigo and dizziness that are felt at the occiput. This state feels somewhat like the heavy head after drinking alcohol. There is also a strong aversion to meat and fatty foods.

For jet lag, when getting to or coming from a destination in a different time zone, there are other homeopathic remedies that could help.

Cocculus: is indicated for jet lag where the individual has difficulty getting to sleep and feels like he or she is still in a moving vehicle or on a flying plane.

Gelsemium: With this remedy, there is heaviness and exhaustion, and the body feels immobilised akin to paralysis.

Arnica: This remedy helps with exhaustion accompanying the jet lag. It can help keep you awake until local bedtime which can aid an easier and swifter adjustment.

These remedies should be taken as and when needed. It is suggested to use the 6X potency, and to take one dose (one tablet, three sugar pills, or five drops) every 15 minutes for two hours in the acute state. For anxiety and motion sickness, one to two doses can be taken ahead of travel, when going to the airport and when boarding the plane, for example.

By Uta Mittelstadt

Uta Mittelstadt, BSc & MSc Homeopathic Medicine – University of Central Lancashire, U.K.
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