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Police arrest home-raiding burglars who targeted Algarve pensioners

Police have arrested two men believed to be behind three burglaries in Lagoa and Portimão last year, including an armed raid at the home of an elderly Dutch couple which left a 72-year-old man in hospital after he was struck by shrapnel from shotgun shots.

The two men, aged 34 and 28, are Romanian and reportedly worked in construction and at greenhouses. They were arrested by Portimão’s PJ criminal police with the help of the PSP police’s special unit.

Their alleged ‘modus operandi’ was to choose isolated houses where they could break in, tie up the elderly residents and then make off with their money and valuables.

The first crime they are suspected of dates back to June 2017 when the pair is believed to have raided the home of a 74-year-old woman in Lagoa, tied her up and stolen her gold items, €100 in cash, two shotguns and a car.

The home-raiding duo is also allegedly behind the armed raid of a Mexilhoeira Grande home in October which left a 72-year-old Dutch man in the hospital.

The pair of burglars apparently fired shotgun shots to destroy the house’s lock, but the shrapnel hit the man and became lodged in his back while he was watching TV in the living room.

However, the men still proceeded to tie up the man and his wife and rob them of €160 in cash and several gold items estimated to be worth around €6,000.

The third crime also happened in October in Portimão and reportedly involved them breaking into yet another house, tying up an 82-year-old woman and stealing €10,000-worth of gold objects.

Both men were due to be heard in court this Thursday.

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