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Scant joy as Marcelo passes law to protect elderly from evictions

There is scant joy today following President Marcelo’s rubber stamp on a new law designed to protect the country’s most vulnerable citizens from evictions.

Lisbon’s association of tenants has ‘welcomed’ the news in principle, but ‘laments’ that it only covers people over the age of 65 who have lived in a property for 15 years or more, or those registered with over 60% ‘incapacity’.

The ideal, for the association, would be for the law to cover every elderly tenant, no matter how long they have been renting a particular property.

Landlords on the other hand are fuming and say they will be seeking legal advice as to the law’s ‘constitutionality’.

The fuss seems to belie the fact that the law will actually only protect the country’s most vulnerable until March 2019.

It has been pushed through by left-wingers, with votes against by the PSD/ CDS-PP.

With next year an election year, tenants are in no doubt as to what a future right-wing government would deliver.

But as to the short-term aspect of the latest protection, the idea is “to avoid evictions” before a new habitation law, under discussion, reaches the Statute Books.

Even so, there is one ‘get out’ clause for landlords: if they can prove they need a property for their own use, or the use of their direct children, they can demand that the tenants leave, no matter how old they are, how infirm or incapacitated, or how long they may have lived in the property.

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