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Police syndicate demands end to illegal holiday pay cuts

Union bosses representing the country’s PSP (town) police force are demanding an end to cuts in holiday pay, deemed illegal by the Supreme Tribunal three months ago.

If not successful, the ASPP/ PSP has threatened protests.

Association president Paulo Rodrigues says it is “unacceptable” that holiday subsidies are still being withheld, particularly as the court ruled they should be paid to agents retroactively since being lopped seven years ago.

Reports have not mentioned the ‘bottom line’ cost of the court’s ruling.

Público says the ASPP/ PSP has stated the situation in a letter to the Minister of Internal Administration, and has updated all the political parties.

For now, the syndicate is not elaborating on what kind of ‘protests’ it has in mind: the hope being that it will not get to that stage.

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