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State takes over management of EN125 after concession company pulls out

Portugal’s national infrastructure authority has taken control of the entirety of the Algarve’s EN125 after concession company Rotas do Algarve Litoral (RAL) announced it was suspending its management of the road on Friday, July 6.

The decision was fuelled by the announcement that the Court of Auditors had rejected a deal that would grant Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) jurisdiction over the eastern section of the road so that it could carry out much-needed roadworks (click here).

With the court’s ruling, RAL was left with full jurisdiction over the road, which clearly was not what it wanted.

The “good news” is that this latest development may facilitate the launch of the much-needed EN125 roadworks between Olhão and Vila Real de Santo António, as the road is now fully in the hands of the state.

The eastern section of the road is currently undergoing “urgent roadworks” to solve some of its most pressing issues. A source for IP has told Expresso newspaper that the renovations are due to be completed on Wednesday (July 11).

Tourism boss wants motorway tolls suspend
Meantime, Algarve tourism boss Desidério Silva is calling on the government to suspend the tolls on the Via do Infante (A22) motorway between Olhão and Vila Real de Santo António.

Desidério Silva has told Rádio Comercial that drivers shouldn’t have to pay to use the motorway if the only alternative – the EN125 – is in such poor condition.

It is an argument that had already been used while renovations were underway on the western section of the road two years ago.

As Silva explains, the state of road has a “very negative” impact on the region.

“This has been an issue that’s been on the table for many years, it’s not new, but there was always hope that it would be solved,” he said, adding that the eastern section of EN125, as it is now, is a “disgrace”.

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