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Care in the community

I owe a great degree of personal gratitude to a group of healthcare professionals who stepped in and gave my wife the care and attention she craved when at her most vulnerable. Some 18 months ago, a series of blunders by a highly respected private hospital meant I was left with the dilemma of transferring my wife to another facility or caring for her at home.

There is no doubt in my mind that without the professional care, support and friendship of the Algarve Health & Social Care team, we would now be looking at a totally different outcome. Thankfully, the love of my life made a full recovery in the environs of her own home, with the daily care and personal medical support of the AHSC team.

Currently, with advances in medical science, the average lifespan is gradually increasing worldwide, resulting in the emergence of an ageing society.

Elderly patients are especially prone to suffering from various chronic illnesses and many select to receive home-based care. Today, home health nursing is widely applied as older people want to enjoy good health and remain independent for as long as possible. For those who have made their home in the Algarve, the reassurance of qualified English-speaking health professionals brings stability and peace of mind.

The Algarve Health & Social Care consortium is dedicated to the communities they serve, providing recipients with high quality and personal care. They put patients first, take immense pride in their vocation and act with integrity. They are also in a position to meet the demands of patients who have not only physical care requirements but also psychological and social care needs. 

Liaison with the Portuguese health system and links with hospitals, clinics and pharmacies further strengthens the seamless and holistic level of care.

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