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Footwear exports hit record high

Portuguese footwear companies exported almost €2 billion worth of shoes in 2017.

Last year, footwear exports hit a new record, increasing 2.8% to €1.965 billion, accumulating eight consecutive years of growth on the international markets, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE).

“Since 2009, Portuguese footwear sales overseas have increased 50% thanks to an unprecedented investment in international markets. Portugal’s footwear exports grew by an additional €700 million worth of shoes, broadening its geographical reach to 20 new markets,” states the Portuguese Footwear Industries Association (APICCAPS).

According to the sector association, in 2017 Portugal exported a total of 83 million pairs of shoes (+95% of production) to 152 countries in five continents with Europe remaining the main destination of national exports (80% of the total).

Last year, sales to the European Union increased around 2%, with sales to Germany (+11% to €375 million), Holland (+4.5% to €281 million) and Denmark (+12.9% to €107 million) standing out.

On the other hand, there was a fall in sales in France (-1.5% to €410 million), Spain (-6.6% to €174 million) and the United Kingdom (-6.6% to €125 million).

Outside the European Union (20% of the market total), Portuguese footwear exports grew 7.1% with good results in Russia (+63% to €33 million), Angola (+6% to €18 million) and China (+3% to €13 million).

The two markets most being worked at present, the United States and Canada, saw sales shrink by 1.5% to €99 million although over the past five years sales to those two markets have tripled.


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