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Use of cannabis for medicinal purposes approved by Portuguese parliament

In a landmark move today in parliament, almost all political parties voted in favour of a bill to legalise the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

The final text will confirm all the regulatory small print .

The vote was all the more poignant in that it has the blessing of health authorities and the medical profession (click here).

Nonetheless, run-up debates were heated and a number of clauses have had to be tweaked to get the bill passed.

One of these centred on auto-cultivation, which PCP communists feared could see people growing for recreational use.

Thus the final bill read that cannabis can be used for medical purposes when conventional medicine hasn’t worked, or when conventional medicine has caused adverse reactions.

The cannabis can be obtained from pharmacies on the basis of a special doctor’s prescription.

Said left-wing MP Moisés Ferreira during one of the debates, clinicians “will be able to prescribe cannabis in its various forms” as long as all the other stipulations apply.

Only centre-right CDS MPs abstained from today’s vote which will almost certainly open the floodgates to new investment (click here).

In the UK right now, British mother Charlotte Caldwell has won a major battle, forcing the Home Office to rethink its policy of prohibiting cannabis use for medicinal purposes.

Last year Charlotte Caldwell’s son Billy became the first person in the UK to have the drug prescribed on the NHS. However, he ran out of it last week after the Home Office threatened to have the family’s GP disbarred if he prescribed any more.

Ms Caldwell, 50, travelled to Canada to get a six-month supply, but on her return to UK officers from the Border Force confiscated the supply.

Within less than 24 hours, Billy suffered his first epileptic seizure in 19 months, reported the Times, and his mother was being told she would not be getting the cannabis oil medication back.

Determined to change the status quo that has spelled misery for so many parents of sick children, Ms Caldwell stuck to her guns, and the life-saving medication has been temporarily released. Elsewhere, the Home Office has licensed the use of cannabis oil to the parents of another child who suffers multiple seizures without the drug. Today (June 21) the UK Telegraph reports that the UK’s £60 million cannabis oil industry is about to go mainstream.

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