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Marcelo finally gets his audience with President Trump

Portugal’s president Marcelo will finally get the audience he has been hoping for with the United States’ President Trump, almost at the end of this special month for Portugal US relations (click here).

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced the visit, scheduled for June 27, yesterday – saying it will celebrate the close bond between the two countries.

Said the Washington Post, Sanders noted that Portugal “is an important NATO ally and partner in Afghanistan and says the meeting will focus on strengthening the countries’ cooperation in addressing global conflicts and promoting economic prosperity, among other topics”.

It’s the “among other topics” that will be foremost in certain people’s minds, however, not least the population of Praia da Vitória, on Terceira island in the Azores, anxious for further feedback over the heavy-metal contamination ‘scandal’ surrounding Lajes airforce base.

The problem of who is going to pay the clean-up bill persists – and then there are those inconvenient theories about the high incidences of cancers suffered by people living close by (click here).

Another topic may well be a discussion on the treatment of former CIA intelligence officer Sabrina Sousa, saved literally at the 11th hour from a jail sentence in Italy following intervention by the then incoming Trump administration (click here).

Portugal did not come out of the saga well, and Sousa herself has told us she believes the US president will have quite a bit to say about her detention in this country when he meets President Marcelo on June 27.

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