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Brave Ellie Chessell faces alleged acid attacker in court

Brave Ellie Chessell – the young woman irreparably scarred in a brutal acid attack in Alvor last year – has faced the Portuguese man accused of actually throwing the corrosive material at her and confirmed to judges that his is the face she remembers.

Ms Chessell said: “For sure, it’s him”, writes the UK’s Daily Mail today.

Now back living in her hometown of Newport, in the Isle of Wight, Ms Chessell was nonetheless described as “visibly upset” to hear that sentencing of her former lover, accused of masterminding the attack, has been delayed to June 21.

Say reports, the former Tui rep broke down in tears after identifying Edmundo Hélder Rodrigues Fonseca in Portimão court, and had to be comforted by friends and relatives after Fonseca was led away.

Fonseca’s trial is now scheduled to get started, possibly as soon as this month.

Both he and Gouveia are said to be pleading innocence to charges of attempted murder, though, according to the Mail Gouveia “claimed during his evidence” that Fonseca had “confessed to attacking Ms Chessell” though he (Gouveia) “decided not to tell police”.

Both men are being held on remand in Silves Jail.

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