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Australian couple falls 30 metres to death onto picturesque beach

Fishermen have described “a scene of horror” this morning after the bodies of a man and a woman were found with terrible injuries on a popular beach in Ericeira, northwest of Lisbon.

One told Jornal de Notícias that the body of the woman was literally in pieces, while the man was found “holding on to a signpost on the sand, which indicates that he must have survived the fall and was trying to drag himself to call for help”.

The man’s body should “very serious” and “exposed” injuries said the paper.

The bodies were discovered early this morning, and everything points to them having fallen from a wall 30 metres above the sands.

Said JN, the couple was “apparently Swiss”, but this was later amended by the authorities to Australian, and late on Tuesday it transpired that one of the victims was British.

JN added: “There are indications that they will have passed the safety perimetre (above) for reasons no one knows”.

Maritime Police are working on the basis that the couple may have fallen while taking a selfie.

A cell phone was found on the top of the wall – very similar to a tragedy further south when a Polish couple taking a selfie fell 80 metres from the cliffs at Cabo da Roca, in front of their young children (click here).

As investigations continue, the couple’s bodies have been sent for autopsy.

The dead man is thought to have been “around 40 years old”, while his companion has been put at “around 30”.


The two victims have now been named. The Australian man was Michael Kearns, 33, and the British woman was his partner Louise Benson, aged 37. Both lived together in Perth. Friends have been uploading tributes over social media.

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