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‘Festa da Cataplana’ celebrates traditional dish in Castro Marim

Castro Marim is promoting the Algarve’s delicious ‘cataplana’ stew with yet another ‘Festa da Cataplana’.

Seventeen restaurants in the borough are serving at least two kinds of cataplana until the end of the month.

The council says that there are many kinds of cataplanas to enjoy, ranging from the traditional seafood stews to octopus, codfish and meat varieties.

“Castro Marim has a cultural, scenic and gastronomic richness that should be promoted in one unique front,” said Castro Marim deputy mayor Filomena Sintra.

The ‘Festa da Cataplana’ also gives residents and tourists something else to do besides going to the beach and enjoying the sun.

Participating restaurants are Bate Que Eu Abro, D. Rodrigo, Infante Panorâmico, Marés, Marés II, O Forte, O Infante, O Pescador, Pão Quente, Pérola do Atlântico, Quinta do Guadiana, Retiro dos Caçadores, Sem Espinhas, Zé da Tasca 2, Tasca Medieval, Ti-Zé and Manel d’Água.

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