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Missing Pets Algarve seeks new members to reunite even more owners with their pets

‘Missing Pets Algarve’ is the name of a Facebook group created five years ago to help desperate owners find their missing animals. It is now seeking new members in order to reunite even more owners with their pets.

The group was founded by expat Becca Rich who saw how important it was to create “a platform to bring lost animals and their owners back together and keep them from ending up in the few and overcrowded kennels and shelters here in Portugal.”

Wendy Frost took over the group in 2017 and along with several other administrators is trying to expand its reach.

Petra Stüwe, one of the administrators, tells us that the group currently has 3,400 members and that the group is “constantly growing”.

“Although some members quit membership once the animals are homed, most of our members stick with the group because they can see how important it is to keep eyes and ears open,” she says.

Around 70 missing animals are reported every month in the group, with some peaks over New Year or during extremely bad weather when many animals “run off in panic”.

“I would say around 70-80% of the animals in our group are reunited with their owners. Most of the others are re-homed or taken in by rescue groups,” she says.

‘Missing Pets Algarve’ also aims to provide pet owners with much-needed information, teaching members how to act when an animal is found or lost and how to make it easier to get the animals back home (chipping, registration of chip and tagging).

The group also launches warning when there are certain areas with an unusually high number of poisoned animals, when the dangerous caterpillars start moving around, and when there are many cases of stolen animals.

‘Missing Pets Algarve’ has a number of recommendations to make it easier to find your pet if it goes missing:

• Register and chip your animals. It makes it easier for the animal to be identified by police or a vet.
• Tag your animal so that you can be informed immediately if it is found.
• Always report your missing animal on the national website and check it to see if your pet has been found.
• Distribute flyers in the area where your pet went missing and inform local kennels, police and vets.


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