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Mystery of Portuguese student found dead in Thailand

A 22-year-old Portuguese student was found dead on a beach in Thailand on Wednesday.

Authorities are treating the case as a drowning, but Julian David’s family are convinced their loved one was murdered.

The official account is that Julian went swimming with friends, but apparently no friends have been available for comment.

Devastated father Carlos has written over Facebook: “Julian didn’t drown. Something else happened. No one swims with clothes on, and Julian doesn’t have tattoos. All the news from Thailand is just lies”.

Julian’s Austrian mother and her husband have travelled over to Thailand to accompany investigations, while his Portuguese father has written that he hopes to enlist help from contacts within Interpol.

The dead young man’s grandfather has told reporters: “I have no doubt he was murdered”.

Thai press reports talk of Julian having told staff at the hotel where he was staying that he was going swimming, “and that was the last time he was seen”.

Suggestions of having suffered a cramp, or “another health problem” were given. But these do not explain why he was found fully clothed, with identification papers on his body along with the hotel key – nor how a tattoo was described as being on his chest.

Julian’s body is due to be autopsied, as friends of the family advise “an independent autopsy” to be sure of the results.

Julian’s cousin Paula David, who lives in Portimão, has warned: “We should publicise what is going on in that country, we owe it to Julian and other young people who go there to study. People should know that Thailand is not the paradise destination they show in the travel brochures. It has a dark side, and the authorities cover it up.”

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