Dear Editor,

In Praia da Luz the other day, taking my walk from the Fortaleza down along the promenade, I stopped, as I always do, to take in the beautiful view and thank heaven I can still enjoy it every time that I come to this lovely place.

But things aren’t what they used to be! The beach is now overrun with dogs, even more so these days. On the whole, the dog owners are mostly foreigners who do the necessary ‘house keeping’ afterwards. But, unfortunately, some locals tend to look the other way or are absorbed in conversation!

Coming to the main gripe which is the uncollected rubbish and which I have yet again reported. It is particularly around the eyesore of a proposed new restaurant. The stench is horrible and unhealthy. I would like to add that on asking a group of surfers to be careful with their rubbish, they replied very politely, “we are Sir, the beach is too lovely to do otherwise”. Impressed!

I know people say that you don’t appreciate what you’ve got when it’s on our doorstep, but come on you locals, don’t just sit back and leave it to somebody else. Don’t be frightened to bend your back and pick up an empty plastic bottle. I do.
Malcolm Leeds


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