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Trains hop on to Portugal’s holiday transport misery

If you’re lucky enough to get here by plane over the Easter holidays, don’t think of taking the train. They’re going on strike too – but not for an indefinite period (like TAP pilots’ work-to-rule), nor for three days (like Ryanair cabin crew).

Workers for Infrastruturas Portugal (IP) want larger salary increases. They have decided to try and force the issue by implementing a 24-hour walkout on Monday.

Monday is not a national Bank Holiday, so anyone who uses the train network to get to work will now have to find an alternative.

Normally, minimum services would have to be kept in place, but for the precise reason that there are almost always alternatives to the train, arbitration judges have concluded that no minimum services will be required.

People can simply get to their destinations using other means of transport.

IP is not delighted, saying “there is no valid alternative to the rail network”.

It is not immediately clear whether IP’s pique changes anything, thus Monday should definitely not be the day readers decide to go for a train ride.

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