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Got a cold? There’s homeopathy for that!

Albeit the fantastic weather we have had along vast stretches of this winter and spring, many of us have not been spared the trouble of catching a cold. And while we are already in March, the epidemic is still going strong. The common cold is the number one infectious disease that is most common in the population across the globe.

Catching the cold challenges our immune system, makes us feel run down and tired. The symptoms of the common cold are very distinctive and are specific of an acute infection of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat. There is usually soreness of the throat, coughing and a runny nose, which are frequently accompanied by headache, heaviness of the limbs and pain in the joints. Sometimes there may also be a slight fever.

Many of us seek relief from the cold by quickly reaching for over-the-counter conventional medicines and painkillers. However, in order to alleviate symptoms and speed up recovery, there are gentler options if you wish to support your system. There is, for example, homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a great option as it facilitates properties that will stimulate self-healing responses in the body and will trigger the immune system to spur into action. As such, there are two over-the-counter homeopathic preparations that are available at most local pharmacies across the Algarve and Portugal that can assist the body at recovery from the cold.

A much-promoted homeopathic remedy is Oscillococcinum. It is a homeopathic preparation that contains only one single remedy and is manufactured by the French company Boiron. It contains a highly diluted extract of Anas barbariae hepatis et cordis which has been found to be effective for the treatment of symptoms such as body aches, headache, feeling run down, fatigued, feverishness, and feelings of chilliness.

Another extensively available homeopathic preparation indicated for the cold is Gripp-heel, produced by the German company Heel. This is a complex preparation that contains a number of homeopathic remedies that together have an action radius that covers most symptoms of the common cold, like the runny nose, soreness of throat, cough, aching muscles, and raised temperature. The contained homeopathic remedies are Aconitum, Bryonia, Lachesis, Eupatorium perfoliatum, and Phosphorus.

Instructions on how to take these preparations are given either on the packaging or in the package insert of these preparations.

These two homeopathic preparations are a great alternative to conventional medicines. They are practically free of side- and adverse- effects, have no contraindications and do not interact with other medications that one might be taking. Beyond that, research that has investigated the efficacy of these homeopathic preparations for the cold has shown both preparations to be effective at reducing the symptoms of the cold and the duration of the illness. Therefore, the next time you feel that cold coming, think homeopathy!

By Uta Mittelstadt

Uta Mittelstadt, BSc & MSc Homeopathic Medicine – University of Central Lancashire, U.K.
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