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Fraudsters use name of President Marcelo to persuade companies to donate to bogus causes

At least two fraudsters have been using the name of President Marcelo to try and con businesses out of large quantities of money.

Both cases are now in the hands of the Public Ministry.

Says tabloid Correio da Manhã, in one the fraudsters is believed to have got away with over €30,000 which his unwitting victims thought would be going towards victims of last summer’s fires.

The case was “discovered” when one of the targeted businesses got in touch directly with President Marcelo to “try and find out exactly what was needed”.

CM explains: “Did he want goods or money, and which areas were most in need of help?

“The businessmen were advised that the President of the Republic was not promoting any kind of (fund-raising) initiative”.

The second scam involves a “businessman connected to the confectionary sector” who apparently contacted a number of businesses, presenting himself as one of Marcelo’s assessors – “with the objective of arranging business for companies in areas affected by the fires”.

One of the business approached was Padaria Portuguesa. The trickster apparently wanted the padaria to “accept to buy a specific product from a determined supplier.

“The man’s insistence led the company to contact the president’s office and discover that it too was a fraudulent scheme”, says the paper.

President Marcelo has apparently confirmed that the Public Ministry is investigating.

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