2015 “best year ever” for Algarve golf

2015 was the “best year ever” for the Algarve’s golfing sector, trumping even 2007 with more rounds played than ever before.

Data from the Algarve Tourism Association (ATA) shows that 1.2 million rounds were played at regional courses last year – over 80,000 more than in 2014.

October was the best month overall, with British, Irish, German, Dutch and Swedish golfers among the top golfing visitors.

ATA boss Dora Coelho is delighted by the news.

“Golf is one of the pillars of our promotions strategy,” she said, adding that “the diversity and quality of golf in the Algarve is unmatchable and encourages tourists to keep returning”.

Although still struggling with its 23% VAT rate, the sector is helped to top-notch notoriety by the region’s “excellent year-long climate”.