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Cat shelter in Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro’s stray cats now have a special refuge. The parish union of Lagoa and Carvoeiro set up its first cat shelter on Rua do Farol in Praia do Carvoeiro on October 22.

Designed by Algarve Paletes, the cat refuge is part of the parish union’s ‘Gato de Rua’ project, which has already sterilised 50 street cats in the Praia do Carvoeiro/Sesmarias areas.

As well as the shelter, made up of six separate cubicles, there are also a number of feeding bowls strategically located nearby so that locals can go on leaving food for the animals.

The union asks only that people keep the area “clean”.

Similar new shelters are scheduled for the Carvoeiro and Lagoa areas in the next few months.

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