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Breakfast Stuffed Croissant

Everybody talks about the “healthy” breakfast option, and if that is what you are after, better you turn the page now than read about my new favourite breakfast! Healthy it is not, tasty and decadent, it most certainly is!
I call this recipe Breakfast Stuffed Croissant and can be produced really well and quickly by indirect cooking on your gas or charcoal BBQ. It looks amazing and smells and tastes even better!

6 fresh baked cold butter croissants from supermarkets or bake yourself!
6 small German Frankfurter sausages
250gms grated Gruyere or Emmental cheese
Squirt tomato Ketchup bottle
Black pepper to taste

Light the BBQ, get it to a medium temperature and place on the Frankfurters to have a light grill and crisp them up a bit. Remove from heat and keep warm. Put the lid on the BBQ and get ready for indirect cooking by either keeping one of your gas burners on or moving your charcoal to one side of your BBQ.

Whilst your BBQ gets up to temperature, take the croissants and with a sharp knife cut across about half way through to leave a pocket to fill with this delicious loveliness.

Take your “squirty” bottle of tomato Ketchup and squeeze a line along the bottom of the incision.

You should place the warm Frankfurter in the pocket.

Then sprinkle and stuff into the pocket a good handful of the cheese, so the Frankfurter is hidden and top this off with a good grind of black pepper.

Repeat this process for all your croissants and place them on to an ovenproof baking tray.

Lift the lid on your BBQ and place the baking tray away from the direct heat and let these little bundles of joy cook until the cheese is melting and bubbling away nicely and the croissant is getting crisp.

Take them out and let cool for a minute or two. Then wrap in some kitchen roll and prepare to bite into a multitude of flavours as the sweetness of the cheese intoxicates the smoked savouriness of the Frankfurter, all finished with the hot tangy Ketchup.

If you are calorie-counting, steer clear of this breakfast treat. If you are not … enjoy!

Article supplied by Chris Winstanley from outdoor living store Moveison

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