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Startup eco-company launches at BLiP

An eco-friendly startup, The Alga Company, has chosen the Better Living in Portugal (BLiP) exhibition in Portimão this weekend to launch its range of seaweed-based cleaning and soil remediation products into the Portuguese market.

The Alga Company supplies cleaning products for the domestic and marine markets as well as organic agricultural and horticultural treatments across a wide spectrum of uses.

Managing Director Peter Williams said: “Our products are based on seaweed and that is 100% organic.”

He added: “We’ve rediscovered what many coastal communities already knew – that different seaweed varieties have properties that can be used in a variety of ways.”

That means the Alga Company’s products can be used not only in the yacht and marina environment, but in domestic situations and across horticulture and agriculture.

Peter Williams continued: “We have wastewater treatments which are aimed at the water companies, municipalities and the câmaras. Then we’re looking at garden centres and the horticultural sector, golf courses and the agricultural sector.

“In the domestic market we’re looking at general fertilisers and growth enhancers for the gardens, as well as cleaning products for fossa drains and septic tanks. We also provide kitchen cleaners, oven cleaners and barbecue cleaners as well as marine-friendly yacht cleaning products.”

Williams believes his experience with a previous domestic management and cleaning venture on the Algarve, plus 12 months of market research, has paved the way for a successful launch for The Alga Company.

He said: “It’s an idea that came out of our property management venture, where we came across everyday situations that needed resolving quickly. We know from that experience that it’s far cheaper to treat issues at source than it is to call somebody out to drain a septic tank, for instance.”

The Alga Company will be on Stand 51 at BLiP on October 5 and 6.

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