A draft bill proposing the sale of low-cost fuel at gas stations with four or more storage tanks or at least eight pumps was handed over to the Portuguese Parliament last week by the Secretary of State of Energy, Artur Trindade.

Trindade has asked his fellow members of Parliament for suggestions to improve the draft in its final version. The State Budget of 2013 had already included a similar measure, in which service stations would have to ensure that its customers were given a wider range of economically priced fuels.

These stations would also need to have 25% of their establishment reserved for low-cost fuel services, as well as two storage tanks, one for diesel fuel and another for petrol, according to a PSD member of Parliament.

As an alternative to this measure, fuel stations can be exempt from these obligations if they offer significant discounts on the orice of fuel on a regular basis, provided that these discounts are available to the general public.

Newly built stations, as well as those that undergo a substantial renovation, will also be affected.

A three-month time limit will be given to adapt to the new law. Companies that do not abide by the law will be faced with fines ranging between €250 and €44,890.

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