2007 top baby names


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Last year, and for the 13th year running, Jack topped the list as the most popular boys name in England and Wales. Grace was the most popular for girls.

The list of official top baby names was released last month by the Office of National Statistics and many popular names were clearly influenced by popular culture, as is the case every year.

Boy’s name Alfie, also the name of a hit single by Lilly Allen, rose six places into the top ten. Girls name Leona also tripled in popularity. Perhaps something to do with ITV’s X Factor star Leona Lewis?

A new entry into the girls’ top 50 is Ava – made popular by Hollywood superstar Reese Witherspoon who just happens to have a little girl with the same name, as does Myleene Klass. A more unusual name, Summer, is a new arrival into the top 50 and is believed to have been influenced by LA-based TV show The OC.

Other popular names include Mohammed, Jayden, Dylan and Ruby.