20-year-old model becomes latest victim of fatal stabbing
Tiago Danu worked with some of the country's top stylists

20-year-old model becomes latest victim of fatal stabbing

Tiago Danu died in hospital in Setúbal after intervening to “try and protect a friend”

Tiago Danu, aged 20, has become the latest tragic victim of a fatal stabbing in Portugal.

Violent crime involving young people – even involving ‘children’ as young as 11-years-old – is on the increase here just as much as it has been in other countries, like the UK and the US where incidents of these types of crime, in comparison with Portugal, have gone in the stratosphere.

According to reports today, Tiago was stabbed in Setúbal on Sunday night, after “trying to help a friend”.

The exact circumstances of his stabbing have still to be clarified – and the perpetrator/ perpetrators are still at large.

What is clear is that there was a ‘disagreement’ of some sort in the Monte Belo area of town. Tiago went to the aid of a friend, and was stabbed in the process.

He was transported to Hospital de São Bernardo, still alive, “but did not resist his injuries”, writes Correio da Manhã.

Tributes to the young man, who was also a student, have been flooding in.

His modelling agency has lamented his passing. The saddest tribute without doubt came from the young man’s mother, who wrote that her heart had been broken. “You left so young, my son”.

CM returns to warnings by police that there are increasing numbers of very young children being caught up in gang crime and violence in Portugal, much of it playing out in and around schools.

Reading between the lines, the ‘suspects’ in this latest incident are already identified. It is simply a question of police finding them.

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