2 – Dear Editor,

2 – Dear Editor,

The owners of said supermarket have always supported local charities. Recently, a local lunch group had a large hamper to raffle in aid of the elderly. Several members of the staff have been employed there in excess of my 20 years of knowledge. Obviously, they are well treated or they would not stay.

Local produce is most definitely sold there. This supermarket has a policy of importing specific products that are requested by their customers. Has Mr. Moreton tried importing from outside the EU? I have and it is expensive.

I have owned property in Praia da Luz for 21 years and been a full-time resident in Luz for 15 years, shopping at the supermarket regularly during this time. On a recent Sunday, I paid my bill with my MB card and only seven euros registered, so I was asked to go back after the payment showed up on my bank statement and pay the difference to ensure I was not paying twice. No guarantee of who I was, or where I lived, was requested. Try that in Tesco!

On balance, I feel that Mr. Moreton would be better suited to a different supermarket and leave this one to those of us who appreciate it, its owner and staff.

Eileen Dickinson