Mystery death of healthy student under investigation

The family of 19-year-old university student Inês Rafael who died suddenly, five days after receiving her vaccination against Covid-19, believe there is a link between the two events. 

As reports explain, only an autopsy can help unlock this mystery – and even then, discovering the cause of death may not answer the family’s questions.  

Another case of a hospital worker who died two days after receiving her Covid vaccine ended up with the conclusion that the heart attack she suffered (having never had a history of heart problems) had nothing to do with the jab she had just received (click here)

This latest tragedy happened in a campsite in Vieira do Minho on Saturday morning, and for now police believe the death was precipitated by the consumption of alcohol. 

According to Correio da Manhã, the family refutes this, saying Inês Rafael did not drink. But it appears the group of young people with whom she was spending last Friday night witnessed otherwise.

The autopsy will be taking place tomorrow at the Coroner’s Office (Gabinete Médico-Legal and Forense) in Braga.