15,000 Americans live in Portugal

DEMOCRATS ABROAD Portugal met in Cascais on November 3 for a Hold Strategy Session.

Officers present were Chair Gilbert Wells, Co-Chair Milchen Vasconcelos, Secretary M Justina Wells and Treasurer Abe Malouf. The strategy session was predominantly focussed on voter registration for the US’s upcoming primary elections and the general election, which is due to be held on November 4, 2008.

A number of the members attending the meeting had participated in the voting workshop held the previous day, on November 2, in the US Embassy and were prepared with the latest information needed for voting from overseas.

At the voting workshop, the participants were informed that there are approximately 15,000 American citizens residing in Portugal, including Portuguese-Americans.

The kick-off date for registering voters will be at the Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by the Americans in Portugal association at the Cultural Centre in Cascais on November 22. There will also be voter registration at the holiday fairs.

Following the meeting, Democrats Abroad held a potluck luncheon, which, according to the attendees, ended very “energised” and the members feeling very “active for the upcoming US Presidential election”.

For more information about Democrats Abroad Portugal, please email [email protected] and to obtain information and oversees voting forms, please visit www.fvap.gov